Women MedCare is proud to continue our commitment to providing the latest in non-surgical aesthetic enhancement procedures. We help our patients achieve the figure they’ve always wanted, no matter their circumstances, without resorting to surgical maneuvers.

truSculpt Technology-Equipped!

truSculpt 3D is safe and effective, a treatment for anyone who wants to address stubborn problem areas around the midsection that seem to attract unwanted fat. Precise radio frequency technology helps decrease waist circumference and diminish fat. We deliver undeniable results, and some patients see a difference in just one treatment! Best of all: there’s none of the downtime that comes along with painful surgeries.

truSculpt 3D Will Help:

  • Reshape Dimension
  • Improve Definition
  • Reduce Overall Fat Depth

Innovative Non-Surgical Body Sculpting at Women MedCare

Even participants who underwent a single treatment saw results using our truSculpt 3D body sculpting procedure. Patients routinely see diminished fat thickness after one or more treatments. We’re able to see the big picture with controlled ultrasound imaging and detailed, high resolution photography.

truSculpt 3D Advantages Include:

  • Results can be seen after 1 treatment
  • Nearly 25% fat thickness reduction in numerous cases
  • Treat up to 4 problem areas in an hour or less
  • No downtime after treatment; move on with your life

truSculpt Cost

Treatment cost will vary from case to case, depending on results desired, area of the body treated, and your own body’s capabilities. We make our procedures available to all patients from all walks of life. Simply schedule your initial consultation and we’ll do everything we can to establish an effective, budget friendly plan to achieve the figure you’ve always wanted.