Women Med Care is a Ob-Gyn Practice, Women’s Wellness Center and a Medical Spa. We provide a wide range of Ob-Gyn related services, including a variety of in-office procedures: Hysteroscopy, Biopsy, Colposcopy, LEEP procedure, and more. We also offer a variety of non-surgical options for body sculpting and contouring, as well as Laser hair removal and Skin Rejuvenation for all ages.

Women MedCare Incorporates Cutting Edge Technology

Dr. Cuellar is an experienced Cutera provider specializing in Cutera TruSculpt 3D treatments, which take a multidimensional approach to body contouring and unwanted fat removal and reduction and helps to achieve the highest clinical efficacy, all while cutting down treatment duration.

Using the Endosee Camera allows the Hysteroscopy procedure to be done in the office. Thanks to this new technology, the surgery is minimally invasive, doesn’t require anesthesia and the patient can go back to work the same day.

Our new Ultrasound System adopts the integrated solutions, combining high-quality 3D/4D imaging with advanced features to support the doctor’s accurate decision regarding diagnosis and further treatment.

Dr. Cuellar is one of the few gynecologists in the area that practices minimally invasive surgery using the robotic-assisted Da Vinci technology to address conditions such as severe pelvic pain, endometriosis, fibroids, abnormal bleeding, pelvic organ prolapse, and cancer.

A Supportive Environment Where Anything is Possible

By keeping active affiliations with multiple hospitals in the area, including Pomona Valley Hospital, San Dimas Community Hospital, and Montclair Hospital Medical Center and taking a variety of insurance, we are proud to provide a warm supportive atmosphere where the focus is put on you and your goals.